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​​Experience convenience

​Lumi AGM allows for securityholders who are not physically attending the meeting to participate remotely by casting their votes and asking questions of the board. Lumi AGM can be accessed by the smartphone app, or a web browser on desktop devices. 
In addition to allowing for remote participation, Lumi AGM can also be used by securityholders physically attending in place of the traditional Lumi keypads.

​​​Certainty and reliability

Polling with Lumi AGM allows for instant results with live vote compilation, helping to mitigate risks associated with manual polling. Results can be displayed on screen as the poll takes place.
Our clients can rest assured knowing that the results are processed and audited on robust architecture that has been used at securityholder meetings over the past 15 years.

“Our report is New Zealand’s most in-depth analysis of meeting activity— combining detailed voting and attendance outcomes with broad industry trends to provide you unique insights into the behaviour of securityholders”

Stuart Jury, Managing Director

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 Staging your meeting can be complex and expensive. Our digital engagement tools will help

  • Offer your securityholders the opportunity to vote on the go
    No matter the device they use, your securityholders will receive a great online experience when they use our Investor Vote web application to ask questions and lodge their postal or proxy votes.

    This web application can be launched simply by clicking on the link contained in the email when a securityholder receives their notice of meeting electronically, or by scanning the QR code that is printed on their voting form.
  • Keep track of your vote
    The fastest and easiest way for you to view your proxy data and monitor your live vote count is using our web application, Issuer Online.

    View your critical vote information in real time via the Proxy Watch module within Issuer Online. This gives you greater control over your meetings by providing fast and convenient 24/7 access to your voting data and progressive proxy voting tally.

​​​​​Securing a contentious resolution  

Sometimes, a resolution can face intense scrutiny from shareholders. It's essential that your proposals are clear and engaging. This means you can’t just rely on the information that accompanies the Notice of Meeting and proxy forms to tell the story. You must be proactive.

Georgeson, a Computershare company, specialises in Proxy Solicitation. Through Georgeson, together we can analyse the issues and attitudes of your shareholder base, and develop a strategy to give you the best chance of your gaining approval for your resolutions.

​Did you know we c​​an help you manage other meetings too?  

We also help organisations run meetings and votes for:

Director elections

Iwi elections

Member requisitioned meetings

Creditor meetings

Need a hand managing your next meeting?

We’ll help you communicate effectively with your securityholders while also leveraging digital engagement tools to enhance your securityholders’ voting experience. Talk to our experts today.
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