Your shareholder meeting is a highly visible milestone in your annual corporate governance cycle, and you need it to go precisely as planned, no matter if you conduct an in-person only meeting or add a hybrid component.

Get the advantage of deep AGM experience and the latest tech

Each year, Computershare helps around 7,000 clients worldwide conduct successful shareholder meetings of all kinds — annual and special meetings alike. Increasingly, we help clients transition from traditional, in-person meetings to hybrid events, so more of your shareholders can participate. In 2020 alone, we conducted over 2,000 virtual meetings for clients globally.

Support before, during and after

From deciding on a meeting format to recommendations for providing clear instructions to shareholders to at-meeting support and logistics to printing and distributing materials post-meeting analytics — and everything in between — you’ll have an expert team to help, whether your company is locally listed or dual-listed.

Hybrid Shareholder Meetings

Hosting a hybrid meeting doesn’t have to be complicated. With Computershare you can rely on market leading technology and rigorous security and risk protocols from an experienced partner to make the process seamless. Count on Computershare to help you host a secure, accessible and reliable hybrid meeting that meets all regulatory and compliance requirements and delights your shareholders.
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Computershare has the expertise to help you conquer any AGM challenge

7400+ annual meetings managed in 2021
2300+ virtual annual meetings managed in 2021

Global virtual meeting trends and challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020

In this recording taken from an event Computershare presented in November 2020, global experts from Computershare shared key statistics and insights from their experience across US, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong markets, including a birds-eye view of global virtual meeting trends and challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020
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Securing a contentious resolution

Sometimes, a resolution can face intense scrutiny from shareholders. Computershare provides specialized Shareholder Identification and Proxy Solicitation services, to help analyse the issues and attitudes of your shareholder base, and develop a strategy to give you the best chance of gaining approval for your resolutions.
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Securing your shareholder votes

We'll ensure your Notice of Meeting, proxy appointment and voting instructions get to your shareholders on time.
Shareholders can choose to:
1. Attend your meeting and vote in person
2. Appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf
Your Client Manager will also monitor any areas of concern for you and will quickly advise of any action you may wish to take.
Read HKSCC’s February Circular on voting arrangement

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