​Streamlining processes and driving efficiency in your register ​

Postage rates in New Zealand and around the world have increased significantly in recent years, so we have introduced initiatives that drive down our clients' costs while at the same time enhancing the service experience for their investors. While postage rates have increased, we see the rate of delivery frequencies declining with more investors electing electronic communications.
We regularly invite our clients to participate in new campaigns aimed at increasing the number of securityholders receiving communications via digital channels.
These tailored email collection campaigns, when strategically planned around major corporate actions, have produced outstanding results for our clients. 
Our significant investment in technology can be seen with the launch of Investor Trade, our online share sale facility for one-off trades. With Investor Trade, we can help you to reduce the incidence of one-off, broker-unaffiliated securityholders in your register resulting in enhanced efficiencies and cost-savings.​

Collaboration is vital

  • Our clients demand insights and clever ideas

    But first we need to understand you. Whether you’ve come to us via your IPO or because you just feel you could get more from your registry provider, the first thing we do is sit down to understand your corporate plans and how they are linked to your securityholder acquisition and retention strategy.

  • Listening, leading and lobbying

    We proactively advocate on behalf of our clients to seek better outcomes. The depth and breadth of our global experience puts us in a unique position to help guide regulatory and structural changes in the market.

  • Delivering what you need

    Our approach is to co-create with our clients, industry advisors, law-makers and bright-thinking technologists so you can be assured what we’re building is responding to what you need.

Secure, convenient, real-time access to your register 

Whether you're a company secretary or investor relations manager working for a large company or someone who's forced to juggle half a dozen different roles in a recently-listed small-cap, we understand how important it is to reduce your administrative burden and automate as many tasks as possible.
Our web application, Issuer Online, is the fastest and easiest way to manage your critical securityholder information. Whether you're on a laptop or out of the office on your smart phone, Issuer Online lets you conveniently perform tasks such as searching for a holder, viewing proxy data, monitoring your live vote count, monitoring the securityholdings of key personnel and viewing standard registry reporting.​

  • Chris Woodhouse

    Business Development Manager

    Chris Woodhouse

    Chris leads the development of business relationships with external parties. He achieves this through active management and continual development of the relationships between Computershare and existing clients, as well as proactive engagement with potential clients and building relations with industry intermediaries. Prior to joining Computershare Chris spent seven years working in the Investment Banking industry in the UK where he was involved in a variety of client focused roles.

Think you should be getting more from your registry provider?

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