One of Melbourne’s first start-up technology companies, we were founded in the city’s suburbs in 1978. Our initial ambition was to provide computer services to businesses that needed to automate processes. Eventually, we progressed to providing specialist computer bureau services to Australian share registrars, something we quickly excelled at. Harnessing our entrepreneurial spirit, we continued to develop best in class technology that minimises risk, reduces cost and simplifies processes for our clients and their customers.

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When we listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1994 we had a market cap of AUD $36 million, managed around 6 million shareholder accounts and had about 50 staff. Now we’re a global business with a market cap in the billions, managing over 75 million customer records with over 12,000 staff across all major financial markets. 

Computershare remains a unique Australian success story. We built on our share registry business by successfully expanding into employee equity plans, stakeholder communications, corporate governance, fund services and deposit protection. 

Over the years, we’ve expanded globally by acquiring other successful companies and growing our local footprint organically.

  • 1978

    Founded in Melbourne, Australia
  • 1994

    Lists on ASX with a market cap of AUD 36 million
  • 1995

    Enters UK market
  • 1997

    Enters New Zealand market
  • 1998

    Acquires Royal Bank of Scotland's transfer agency business Enters South African market Enters Irish market
  • 1999

    Enters Hong Kong market
  • 2000

    Enters US market Enters Canadian market Offers corporate trust, escrow and debt management services
  • 2001

    Enters German market
  • 2003

    Acquires Georgeson
  • 2004

    Enters Indian market
  • 2007

    Enters tenancy deposits market in the UK
  • 2008

    Acquires customer communication solutions company QM Technologies (AU)
  • 2009

    Acquires I-nvestor, an investor services business and enters the Danish and Swedish markets Acquires National City, an investor services business (US) Acquires Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC, a bankruptcy administration business
  • 2010

    Acquires the Employee Equity Services business of HBOS (UK), making Computershare the market leader for plan administration services
  • 2011

    Enters the Italian market Acquires Serviceworks Group (AU), a utility back-office administrator Acquires Specialized Loan Servicing LLC (US), a mortgage loan service provider
  • 2012

    Acquires Shareowner Services business of Bank of New York Mellon (US)
  • 2013

    Acquires Morgan Stanley Global Share Plans Solutions business (Europe) Acquires Olympia Corporate and Shareholder Services assets (Canada)
  • 2014

    Acquires Registrar and Transfer Company (US) Acquires Homeloan Management Limited (UK), a mortgage and loan administration service provider
  • 2015

    Acquires Istifid S.p.A. (Italy)
  • 2016

    Acquires Capital Markets Cooperative and Altavera Mortgage Services (US)
  • 2018

    Acquires Equatex, a leading European employee share plan administration business
  • 2020

    Acquires Corporate Creations and Verbatim (US)
  • 2021

    Acquires Wells Fargo Corporate Trust business (US)