Computershare is committed
to being a responsible business

We recognise the environmental and social impacts of our activities and seek to manage them appropriately



We are calculating our global carbon footprint to set one consolidated target to reduce our carbon footprint globally.

Our achievements from FY20 - FY21

Green Office Challenge

The Green Home Challenge encouraged employees to make a pledge to improve their environment, at home or in their local community, in one or more of four categories. These were: Food and Drink, Travel and Transport, Natural Wildlife and Conserving Resources. During the competition period, we received 302 pledges from employees, covering everything from insect hotels and homemade bird feeders to riverside clean-ups and clothing swaps.

Trek Nepal

Two groups of Computershare staff from around the world have successfully participated in Trek Nepal, a six day trek through the Annapurna region to raise funds for our global Change A Life partner, World Youth International. Together, our 54 staff raised a staggering AUD 500,000 towards the construction of a boarding home at the WYI school, to allow students from remote areas to access education.

Reduction Targets

Over the past six years we've reviewed and improved our carbon footprint knowledge, target setting and reporting to ensure we better reflect improvements around environmental sustainability. We met our reduction targets for FY20.

The Jamie Young Cup

A three day soccer tournament was held at the World Youth International school in Gokarna, Nepal. Jamie Young (Brisbane Roar) attended the 26-school competition. World Youth International is our global Change A Life partner, as selected by employees. Their school in Gokarna has an annual enrolment of over 500 students.

Tree planting program

In 2017 we launched our global tree planting program. We aim to plant enough trees to cover 10% of the carbon emitted as a result of our business air travel.

Each year we maintain our global tree planting program and plant trees across North America, Europe and Australia.

We have planted 9,225 trees to date.

To read more about our corporate responsibility initiatives, follow the links below.

  • Community
    Computershare has a long history of community involvement and is committed to community engagement through volunteer and fundraising programs based in areas local to our business.

    Our global community giving program Change A Life has raised more than AUD 10.2 million so far.
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    We believe that diversity is a vitally important source of strength for our company.

    Our global team of champions are working on a three-year strategy to help us move forward in valuing the differences people bring to the workplace, and in providing fair opportunities for everyone to succeed.

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