Computershare is committed to doing the right thing and being a good corporate citizen.

Elements of ESG have been in our DNA for decades, and we have a track record of responsible citizenship and governance.

We’re committed to a transparent and accountable business approach that:

  • Helps to create a more sustainable and equitable future with shared value for our employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, community and the environment
  • Focuses on identifying ESG opportunities and mitigating ESG risks as part of our core strategic priorities and day-to-day operations, in line with our company values
  • Aligns with recognised global ESG disclosure frameworks and standards

Our ESG activities are underpinned by an ESG Policy and three-year ESG strategy.

Read our ESG policy

We also release an annual ESG report which provides a comprehensive update on our ESG activities each financial year, including material ESG topics and issues.

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In 2023, Computershare maintained our AAA rating with Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI). This rating measures the company’s financial resilience to ESG risks.

We were also awarded a bronze medal by EcoVadis in recognition of sustainability achievement. This places Computershare in the top 50% of companies assessed by EcoVadis.

  • CPU Bristol beehive


    Minimising the impact of our resource consumption on the environment, by reducing our carbon footprint and the ongoing evaluation of physical and transition risks to Computershare.

  • CPU Louisville breakroom


    How we interact with customers, communities, employees and suppliers, including the identification and management of associated risks.

  • break-area-louisville


    Internal practices and policies for effective and ethical decision-making, legal compliance and risk identification and management (including climate-related risks).

Transparent communication on ESG

We’re committed to communicating with our stakeholders in relation to ESG regularly, and will continue to report annually on material ESG topics and issues.

See our annual ESG report

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