Investor Trade is a convenient way to sell your New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) listed securities without needing to open a trading account with a broker.

What is Investor Trade and how does it work?

Investor Trade is an online sale platform that allows you to conveniently sell your securities at the market price. You will receive your sale proceeds by direct credit where you have an existing bank instruction on the day of settlement (which is generally three business days after the trade date).

Which securities can I sell?

You can sell your NZX listed security holding that is below NZD30,000 in value. The holding must be in your own name with a registered address in New Zealand. Please Note: partial sales are not permitted and the holding cannot be held in a deceased estate or be a joint or company holding.

What does it cost?​
  New Zealand
Trades up to $30,000 $95


Fees are subject to change

Note: Investor Trade will not allow you to trade if the proceeds of the sale are less than the transactional costs of the sale.

How do I know if my securities are NZX Listed?

​By looking at your Securities Transaction Statement, you can quickly identify if they are NZX listed or not. If an asterisk (*) doesn't appear at the start of the security code, your security is NZX listed. Please note: Not all securities can be sold through Investor Trade.

Who can use Investor Trade?

You can sell your NZX listed securities if your holding has a registered address in New Zealand and where we act as share registry provider. Other eligibility criteria relating to your holding and its value must also be met.

How do I start?

​There are two ways you can access Investor Trade. If you already have an Investor Centre account simply login. Once you've signed in, select a holding you wish to sell, click the 'Select Action' menu from your portfolio and select 'Sell'.

If you don't already have an Investor Centre account, simply click on Access a Single Holding enter your CSN or Holder Number, FIN and other information to begin selling your securities.

Before using this service, please read the Terms and Conditions​. If you require more information about Investor Trade, please ask Penny​