​Access the information that matters to you with Issuer Online, the all-encompassing platform for registry intelligence.
With a modern, intuitive user experience, and 24/7/365 secure access, Issuer Online offers extensive reporting and monitoring capabilities to help you get your job done.

Enjoy a modern, intuitive experience

  • Find information, easily

    Find information, easily

    A modern and intuitive experience makes navigation a breeze, and the uncluttered display helps you find what you're looking for.

  • Clear and simple experience

    Clear and simple experience

    Issuer Online adheres to Google Material Design Standards, meaning your digital experience is better than ever.

  • Improved comprehension

    Improved comprehension

    Enhanced readability thanks to modern fonts, makes it easier for you to find and understand what you’re looking for on the screen.

  • Immediate insights

    Immediate insights

    Getting to the information you need is simple, thanks to the fully customisable dashboard.

As the all-encompassing platform for registry insights and management, Issuer Online houses a wealth of powerful tools that help you extract insightful data and make important business decisions.



  • Search made simple

    Discover the power of Issuer Online's holder search, making it clear and simple to find and manage shareholder information

  • Control the outcome

    Track voting progress in the lead up to your AGM with Proxy Watch. Use the intelligence to engage with investors and manage the outcomes of your resolutions.

  • Instant customisable reporting

    Instantly explore, measure and share findings thanks to the Registry Intelligence platform. Customisable reports are easily generated for you with only a few clicks of a button.

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