​​A good securityholder experience is also about ensuring that every interaction delivers value to your company

We look to consumer trends in order to successfully manage the changing customer experience needs of your investors. This ensures that your securityholders can depend on a high quality omni-channel experience and you can be sure that we’re always looking for new ways to streamline these interactions.​

​Innovative and engaging securityholder services through Investor Centre

Investor Centre is our online portfolio management portal for securityholders—it’s secure, convenient and simple to use. Your securityholders will enjoy round-the-clock portfolio access, with access optimised whether browsing on a desktop, a tablet or a smart phone, where they will have access to update account details, view transaction and payments, download payment advices, set communication preferences and more.​

Investor Trade

The launch of Investor Trade, our online share sale facility for one-off trades is a market-leading innovation benefitting you and your securityholders. With Investor Trade, one-off, broker-unaffiliated securityholders in your register can sell their securities resulting in enhanced register efficiencies and cost-savings. Investor Trade is easily accessed via either an Investor Centre membership or through single-holding login.


For our clients’ foreign investors, InvestorPay is a convenient way to receive dividend or interest payments without the need to open a New Zealand currency bank account. This service solves the challenge of paying overseas investors, by enabling them to receive their dividends or interest payments directly into their overseas bank account, in their preferred currency. If you have any further queries about InvestorPay, please contact us we will be happy to assist.

​​Portfolio Tax Pack

We offer securityholders the ability to purchase and download a Tax Pack online via either an Investor Centre membership or through single-holding login, where within a few minutes they can receive:​

  • ​Tax Summary (CSV format included)
  • Balance Summary
  • Tax Invoice
  • Cover Letter

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Some of the ways we take care of your securityholders

  • alerts

    Gathering missing, important information

    Online Investor Centre alerts encourage your securityholders to update their address details if mail has been returned and provide an IRD number for their securityholding if we don’t have one on the register. After introducing Investor Centre alerts, the number of securityholders updating their details increased by 86% thereby creating more efficient and accurate registers for our clients.

  • lumimockupipad

    Increase securityholder engagement and reach with the latest in digital voting at your next meeting

    Transform the way securityholders attend and vote at your next meeting with Computershare’s online meeting platform that offers accurate, instant polling and expands the scope of securityholder engagement by allowing remote attendance, voting and Q&A.

    Computershare supports both virtual and hybrid meetings, and has the ability to integrate your webcast within the platform for a complete online ASM experience.

  • phonelaptop

    Sharemart – an alternative share matching platform

    Whether you’re a company looking for greater liquidity or more transparent pricing, our share matching platform, 'Sharemart' offers a secure and cost effective solution compared to traditional exchange markets.

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