Your time is valuable, and your reputation is priceless. When it comes to M&A deals, you want to work with advisors and service providers that will uphold your high standards. Your clients trust you to help assemble the right deal team, so you need to be as confident in your recommendations as you are in your legal advice. With Computershare and Georgeson, you'll have a partner with decades of experience managing thousands of complex transactions and the ability to advise your clients on everything from deal structure to the best way to present it to investors and gain proxy vote support.

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    M&A Corporate Events

    When you work with Computershare, you’ll be choosing a partner with decades of experience managing every type of event you can think of, no matter how unique or complex.

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    Investor Engagement

    Your client will gain a critical understanding of top investors and how they are likely to perceive – and vote on – deals. We can connect your client with the investor and prepare them for the conversation.

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    Corporate Governance

    We help identify and address corporate governance vulnerabilities that may impact the deal, including communicating with investors and proxy advisory firms.

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    Escrow Services

    Our tailored, distinctive approach to escrows helps mergers and acquisitions, subscription offerings, litigation settlements and other matters move forward quickly.

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    Corporate Trust

    Market leader with over USD$3.8 trillion of debt and USD$414.2 billion in assets under administration.

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    Proxy Solicitation

    Georgeson is the #1 rated proxy solicitor for customer satisfaction and corporate governance expertise in the US, according to the Group Five 2019 Proxy Solicitor Services Study.

The more complex and global a deal is, the more your client will need a provider with localized expertise in all major financial markets and established relationships with global industry players, financial institutions and banking institutions.

Don't leave any detail unmanaged. When you work with Computershare, you'll deal with experience.

M&A corporate event processing made easy

Your clients look to you for guidance on closing their M&A transactions as seamlessly as possibly. Learn how Computershare’s M&A corporate event web portals can help make your next corporate event a convenient, efficient process for your clients’ shareholders.

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