As you are working with companies in different stages of transformation, they may have any number of voluntary or mandatory corporate events in their future. You need to be confident that the partner you recommend to manage these events can be entrusted with their key transactions. When you work with Computershare, you can be assured that you are working with a multi-disciplined provider comfortable managing a variety of corporate events. Our dedicated corporate actions solution team oversees hundreds of events each year ensuring all the details are covered from start to finish.


Exchange and paying agent services


The goal for any M&A corporate event is an efficient exchange of the merger consideration. We manage the entire exchange process including:

  • Establishing files of all eligible shareholders and securities
  • Interviewing client teams to understand the nuances of each offer
  • Establishing timelines according to client goals
  • Processing instructions from eligible shareholders;
  • Offering multiple payment options including checks, wires, or foreign currencies
  • Providing accurate reporting of returns


Clarity is key to providing an efficient process for shareholders. We will consult with you and your clients to design easy to use exchange forms, review offer-related documents and coordinate production and mailings. We can also advise your clients on using digital solutions to assist in the exchanges.


Tender offers


A primary objective for tender offers is typically speed to launch, resulting in tight timelines and short runways. We work closely with you, the information agent and deal team to ensure superior communications, application of digital solutions, and accurate transaction processing – all focused on launching the deal on schedule.


We stay vigilant throughout the offer to ensure your clients have the most up to date reporting of returns for both registered and street holders. As the offer closes, we increase the pace of reporting, including, all last second submissions. If the offer includes a Notice of Guaranteed Delivery, we continue to provide reporting on deliveries, ensuring clients have accurate final numbers when they need them most.


Election agent services


Sending clear communications and instructions are key to the success of any event. Our team provides expertise in project management, process flows, digital solutions and timelines, all focused on maximizing the clarity and efficiency of the election process.


We offer innovative digital solutions for your shareholders. Computershare has experience providing M&A corporate event web portals for a multitude of event types. Visit our demo page to view our web portals in action for various transaction types.


When your clients work with Computershare for their M&A corporate events, they will benefit from:

  • Our highly experienced corporate actions solution team, custom project plans, call center support, and web/mobile solutions 24x7x365
  • Offering their shareholders a modern approach for submitting their transaction instructions online, saving time, money, and ensuring increased accuracy
  • Leveraging our expertise and services across the lifecycle of their M&A corporate events

Learn more about working with Computershare and our M&A corporate event solutions.