As part of our ongoing effort to educate market participants on the practices and procedures related to the securities processing industry, Computershare and Georgeson will be preparing a series of CLE program topics to offer to your law firm. The program time is typically 1 hour and will provide 1 CLE credit.

Our program is ideal for a lunch meeting of corporate and/or securities lawyers at a firm and can be completed in your office. Computershare and Georgeson will work with your firms' CLE rep to accredit the program, present and manage hand-outs.

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Available topics:

Feel free to suggest additional topics you like to see offered.

Demystifying M&A securities processing: A behind the scenes look at shareholder services in M&A

The following topics are addressed from the perspective of the securities processing agent:

Overview of Share Ownership

  • Publicly Held
  • Privately Held

Types of Transactions

  • Voluntary Corporate Actions
  • Tender Offers
  • Exchange Offers
  • Cash/Stock Elections
  • Mandatory Corporate Actions
  • Exchange for Stock
  • Exchange for Cash
  • Exchange for Cash & Stock

Agency Services
With regards to Voluntary and Mandatory M&A, the following agency services will be discussed:

  • Information Agent
  • Exchange Agent
  • Escrow Agent
  • Entity Management
The Process

After discussing the types of transactions and agency services, we will walk through the process involved in executing a transaction.

Hot Topics

We wrap-up the program with a discussion of timely topics, issues, and trends we encounter in our capacity as agent on over 500 corporate actions events each year.

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