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The employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) is a great benefit that gives employees the opportunity to be owners in the company. It also promotes employee engagement and retention because, now, your employees are financially invested in the company. And, because not every company offers an ESPP, it gives you a competitive advantage that supports talent acquisition.

But benefits only work when employees participate. And what is the #1 barrier to participation in an ESPP?

Employees believe they cannot afford it.

Well, what if you could offer an affordable ESPP? One that allowed any eligible employee to become an owner no matter how little they contribute? Now you can.

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 Introducing fractional share purchases for ESPPs

Need more convincing on the value of offering fractional shares?

Check out the article, Overlooked and Underrated: Why Fractional Shares Matter
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Still need more convincing?

Check out these top 5 benefits of adding fractional share purchases to your ESPP.

(Watch the video above for 3 additional benefits!)

Increase ESPP participation

When you make participation affordable, no matter how little (or how much) employees contribute makes them owners on the very next purchase date.

Provide full value of benefit

Every dollar contributed to the ESPP is immediately used to purchase shares and allows employees to transact on any portion of their ownership.

Support your talent strategy

Participating employees are invested in the company. They want the company to succeed and work harder to make sure it does meaning the company is supported by a great pool of talent.

Support diversity and inclusion efforts

Fractional shares make your ESPP a more inclusive benefit as it becomes accessible to every employee, no matter their position, title or salary.

Eliminate administrative burdens

No need to track and reconcile the issuance of refunds or the carryover of unused funds so you can spend your time focusing on your strategic business objectives and focusing on what matters — your people priorities.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Not hard at all! In fact, a change to just one sentence in your plan documentation is all it takes. Under the section for purchases, simply change it from 'full share purchases' to 'full and fractional'. That's it!
Quite the opposite, it makes it easier! You’ll no longer have to track carryovers or refunds from unused contributions. Dividend reinvestments get easier, too, as the full dividend can be converted into shares.
Many brokers strongly prefer not to trade in fractional shares on an ESPP and may not allow you to make the switch. If you're facing that problem, now's the time to move your plan to Computershare. Be up and running with a fractional shares ESPP in as little as 8 weeks.
​There are so many reasons, not least of which is you allow all employees the opportunity to become owners of the company. For more reasons, check out the article, Nine Reasons to Offer an Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
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