​T+​2 settlement is coming September 5. The shortened cycle means shareholders and plan participants will receive their proceeds in a more timely fashion. It also means that issuers are going to have to update and accelerate current processes to meet this shortened settlement cycle. 

Are you ready? 
Our webinar covers what you’ll need to do in the coming months to be ready for T+2. Among the topics covered are: 
    • What processes need to be reviewed and updated ​
    • Who should be involved in these process reviews 
    • Are there automation solutions that can help 
    • What are the roles of your vendors in this transition 
There is also real-world examples provided by Kathleen Martell, Senior Analyst of Executive Compensation at Ball Corporation, who shares her insights on the best way to optimize processes and point out the potential pitfalls.

And remember, T+2 is also an opportunity
This coming change is an opportunity to review your current processes to make them more efficient in terms of time and cost. If you need help with that review process, or if you are considering outsourcing some or all of the work going forward, our professional services group can help. With expertise in payroll data conversion, cash management, temporary staff resourcing, project management, and more, our professional services group can help. Visit our site or contact Suve Bhattarai, our solutions architect, at suvekshya.bhattarai@computershare.com​ or at 303-262-0622.