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Our professional services group specializes in the outsourcing of global and domestic employee stock plan business processes with expertise in technical, management, plan design, and staffing solutions. The group offers solutions for such areas as global payroll management and consolidation, currency conversions, cash management, integration of payroll and human resources data, and flexible data interfaces. ​

We handle the details so you can focus on the best experience for your​ participants, and the best value for your company.

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Payroll conversion & cash management

​​Payroll file conversion can be a labor-intensive ta​sk. If you have multiple payroll locations with differing file formats, the task can quickly grow in complexity. And this complexity can also increase the chance for errors, which can affect your employee's benefits. Let us help to limit this potential for error and impact to your employees.​ ​

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  • Our team collects payroll files from your company’s subsidiaries and offices.​

  • We validate and reconcile each file, working with you to collect any missing data. We’ll even directly contact the different subsidiaries and offices for you to help save you time.​

  • We convert all files into the necessary format and then provide the single file to you for upload to your vendor. We can even handle the upload process, if you prefer.​​

  • Our experts can also handle cash account management for you. We maintain a database of cash account balances, reconcile deposits, verify currency exchange rates, process payments, allocate interest and produce monthly reports.​​

  • ​Payroll conversion can be labor intensive. Our team can take on the work, so you can focus on other priorities.​

  • ​The cost of our service is often less than the cost to hire someone to manage it in-house.

  • ​No more chasing down missing info, checking and double-checking data. ​​

  • ​Payroll conversion can be labour intensive. Our team can take on the work, so you can focus on other priorities.​

Save time. Save money. Improve processes.

Find out how a client increased accuracy and reduced liability with our payroll conversion and cash management solutions.

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More ways we can help

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    Corporate events grant valuations

    Let us help you navigate through the calculations for valuations and re-valuations of grants and awards during any corporate event.

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    Temporary staff resourcing

    Launching a new plan? Have a large, one-time event that requires additional support? We can provide the experienced human capital you need.

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    Project management

    Got a large, special project, but not the resources to manage it? Our expert project managers are at the ready to ensure your projects are done on time and on budget.

Consultative support for a successful equity plan launch

Find out how we helped successfully launch a client’s plan with extended on-site staff support.

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