​Computershare's professional services group (PSG) specializes in supporting labor-intensive tasks and projects for employee equity plan administrators – whether we manage your company's plan or not.

One of the biggest challenges for plan administrators is data transformation. Formatting employee equity plans data for your plans provider can be time-consuming and complicated. For large companies with multiple business units and employees scattered around the world, it can be downright messy.

The process of data conversion follows three basic steps:

1. Collection. We gather the payroll files from your offices and subsidiaries.

2. Reconciliation. We validate every file, working with you or directly with each office to locate any missing data.

3. Conversion. We convert all files into the necessary format and then provide the single file to you for upload to your vendor. We can even handle the secure upload process, if you prefer.

Anyone who has dealt with these kinds of shareholder account files can tell you, the data transformation process isn't just moving around some columns in a spreadsheet – getting it right takes patience, time and expertise. Learn more about the process on our website. You can also check out a recent case study with a major company in the oil and gas industry.

In addition, our professional services group provides consultation and support to help you manage many of the other time-consuming tasks that come with managing share accounts – be they through an employee equity plan or registered shareholder accounts:

    • Cash account management. We maintain a database of pending and current cash account balances, reconcile deposits to data, verify currency exchange rates, process payments of cash balances for withdrawals, make account adjustments, allocate interest and produce monthly reports to help you track it all.
    • Corporate events grant valuations. We help you navigate through the calculations for valuations and re-valuations of grants and awards during any corporate event.
    • Temporary staff resourcing. Whether you're launching a new plan or have a large, one-time event that requires additional support, we can provide the experienced human capital you need.
    • Project management. Our expert project managers are at the ready to ensure your projects are done on time and on budget.

Whether the need is one-time, short-term or ongoing, Computershare's Professional Services Group can provide the right solution to fit your need. Contact us today to get started.