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How well are you plans working for you today? Have you even had the time to think about this? There are lots of complexities and responsibilities associated with in-house stock plan administration. You’re hoping to manage each and every detail without skipping a beat; but the reality is it is a challenge. A challenge that can be overwhelming and have you totally consumed.

But how will you focus on your people priorities and advance your talent strategy when you can’t get out of the administrative duties of your in-house stock plan administration? 

As the HR function continues to evolve it has become increasingly common that many clients of all sizes and complexities are choosing to out-source. Any growing company that wants to survive the ever-increasing world of risk should be outsourcing various business functions or consider doing so, and a great place to start is outsourcing your stock plan administration. With this in mind, here are five ways outsourcing can improve your equity compensation program:

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    Increased accuracy

    Ensuring data accuracy can be overwhelming; but it’s critical to your success and overall compliance. Eliminate manual processes and unnecessary paperwork by outsourcing your stock plan administration to an experienced provider with automated tools to immediately improve accuracy.

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    Risk reduction

    Don’t put your reputation at risk. Outsource your stock plan administration to ensure controls are in place to mitigate risk. Working with a partner who is governed by a robust regulatory regime means you will be compliant every step of the way, and better yet you won’t have to worry about it at all.

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    Improved participant experience

    Managing plans through spreadsheets or some other antiquated methods provides participants no insights into how their plans are performing. Transactions are time-consuming and inefficient. Outsourcing to the right partner gives your participants access to online account management tools and a wide range of education and communication resources.

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    Better focus on key priorities

    Your equity plan is an important employee benefit, but does the day-to-day administration really belong in-house? Partner with an experienced stock plan administrator to get time back in your day to focus on your people priorities.

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    Benchmark your plans

    Your equity plans can be a great tool to attract and retain talent, but only if they are competitive in the marketplace. What are other companies offering, especially your competitors? The right outsource partner helps you with a regular review of your plans, and delivers the latest trends in the types of plans employees and executives want.

Outsourcing your stock plan administration saves you time, mitigates risk, and frees up your valuable in-house human resources to focus on your ultimate goal of advancing your talent strategy.

Ready to start outs​​​ourcing your plans?​

Outsourcing your stock plan administration to Computershare helps you easily engage your employees, focus on your people priorities and plan for all possibilities​. Learn more at​​/EmployeePlans or fill out the form below to speak to one of our new business representatives.​