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​​It's no secret. Equity plans can be complex for employees to understand. Without knowledge and enablement, your employees just don't know what they are really getting. And that can never be a good thing. You need to make sure you are engaging with your employees so they have an understanding of the value being offered. But how do you easily engage your employees? Here are five crucial ways to ensure your employees are educated and aware of the benefits you offer.​​​​

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    1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

    Communication is key. You need a robust campaign that explains what the plans are and why they are valuable to employees. With a variety of standard and custom communication options you can reach your employees through multiple touchpoints on various channels and in up to 140 languages. And with the right partner you can do all of this without having to design, develop or execute your campaign.

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    2. Speak their language

    Chances are you have employees that speak several different languages. Make it easy for your employees to get answers to their questions, in the language they speak, by offering a customer service team that can support as many languages as possible.

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    3. Go where they go for information

    Companies today may have as many as 5 generations working for them. Each one has its own preference for consuming information. Communications on your plans must be available on multiple platforms to ensure every employee sees it and engages with it, including social media!

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    4. Give them a positive user experience

    When it comes time to enroll in an ESPP and manage or transact on their accounts, participants should be able to do all of it quickly and easily. Online account management provides efficiencies, but the site must also be optimized to work on any mobile device. And for the less tech-savvy, a call center with extended hours is a must.

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    5. Ask them

    Want to know if employees are engaged with the plans you offer? If they understand them? Value them? Simple. Ask them. Survey your employees once a year to find out if they understand and value the plans you offer. And if they don't, find out why not. Surveys can help create awareness (and engagement).

If you’re currently managing your plans in-house, you probably lack the bandwidth to act on any of these items., If you outsource but your current provider offers little to no support to easily engaging employees, you’ve got another problem. But you’re not alone. Computershare offers trusted solutions to help you engage with your employees. Learn more at​yeePlans or fill out the form below to speak to one of our new business representatives.​​​