Your annual meeting is an important company event, offering a valuable opportunity to communicate with and meet your shareholders face to face, and to approve get votes on certain company changes critical to your organization. 

This year, due to COVID-19, you may be wondering how to have a successful annual meeting of shareholders virtually. Computershare is here to help make the virtual meeting planning process easier in these uncertain times. Learn more about our virtual annual meetings.

Computershare and Georgeson, a Computershare company, offer comprehensive annual meeting management and proxy solicitation services that help you meet your objectives while engaging with only one vendor. We make the entire annual meeting process effortless by managing every step of the event, helping you connect with all shareholders and achieve vote results, to remove the compliance burden, ​improve cost and time efficiencies and help you achieve your business objectives.

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Wh​y Computershare | Georgeson?

Meeting Preparation
Proxy Distribution
Share​holder Voting
Annual Meeting
Meeting Preparation

Meeting Preparation Services

Our meeting preparation services allow you to define your annual meeting objectives from the onset, ensure compliance with regulatory agencies and realize cost savings.


Broker Search and Distribution

As your single provider, we will manage the registered distribution and coordinate your beneficial mailing with all other respondent banks/brokers. Our experts supervise the communications with registered holders and beneficial distribution providers to ensure compliance and take the burden off your team throughout the process.

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Proxy Distribution

Shareholder Communications

We help you connect and communicate with your shareholders by designing dynamic communications ensuring brand consistency, promoting e-consent and emphasizing voting.


Financial Print and EDGAR SEC Filings

Eliminate unnecessary rush and overtime by leveraging our comprehensive financial print services, including:

  • Enhanced proxy statement design
  • Custom annual reports
  • Proactive management of EDGAR SEC filings

Proxy Solicitation Process

Understand and engage with institutional investors and predict how they are likely to vote. Reach retail shareholders with your company’s message. Georgeson, the leader in proxy solicitation, helps companies identify, locate and communicate to important shareholders to secure proxy vote support.

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Shareholder Voting

Shareholder Engagement & Voting

Provide a simplified, cohesive and branded experience across multiple communication channels proven to engage your shareholders and drive voting. Reach the right institutional contacts with a prepared message that will resonate. Personalized channels include:

  • Customized voting site
  • Email – including pURLS
  • SMS messaging to specified un-voted shareholders
  • Scheduled investor engagement calls with preparation

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Electronic Consent

All communication channels including Email, SMS text, Print and client portals, such as Investor-Vote and Investor Center, are thoughtfully designed to promote and drive electronic consent reducing your future spend on print and mail.


Voting Analytics

Receive proxy vote reporting so you know where you stand and can refocus resources on the campaign tactics that are most effective. Analyze metrics and trends to drive value for future communications. We provide real time updates and insights into voting trends.

Annual Meeting

Virtual Meetings

With our Virtual Meetings, you can view the annual meeting remotely from any digital device and cast their proxy votes securely online.

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Inspector of Elections

Computershare’s inspectors of election have served at thousands of meetings over the years. They have gained valuable insights on what it takes to run a meeting, and the pitfalls that can disrupt it.


Post-Meeting Review

Post-meeting, we evaluate the overall annual meeting process to ensure you met your goals. We also provide analysis of your annual meeting vote results and any issues that may have come up with recommendations for ways to improve your outcomes in the future.


Annual Meetings by the Numbers


global annual meetings

20 million

proxy cards mailed annually

6 million



annual meeting document websites hosted


cost savings on average with our financial print/EDGAR filing services


EDGAR filings managed annual for clients

A Partner Y​​​​ou Can Rely on Every Step of the Way

A​s your partner, we ensure that both you and your shareholders benefit during the annual meeting process.​

Shareholder Benefits
Shareholder Be​nefits​​
  • Centralized account management
  • Reduce escheatment risk
  • Familiarity
  • Ease of use
  • Clarity on company objectives​​
Issuer Benefits
Issuer Bene​fits
  • Simplified event coordination​
  • Communication strategy
  • Sustainability and cost
  • Successful proxy vote results
  • Reduce data security risk​​​​​​​​

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