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Nearly everything changed over the past year and we've become accustomed to meeting virtually with video rather than in-person. Shareholder meetings have also evolved to enable virtual participation for issuers and their shareholders in a meaningful, modern and digital way.

Holding your shareholder meeting virtually or incorporating a virtual component enables increased shareholder access and participation. It also gives you a new opportunity to make an impression on your investors and think bigger and bolder when it comes to your broader shareholder engagement strategy.

What's new for 2021

Video options that meet your needs

Doing business over video has become common recently, making video the new norm. Your shareholders now expect you to use video at your annual meeting so they can see and hear your speakers. With Computershare, you select the video option that best suits your needs:

Remote video

Speakers can present remotely using their webcam on any device from anywhere in the world

Video on-location

Speakers can present from a designated location, such as your boardroom, or executive conference room

Easy, convenient meeting access for all shareholders — registered and beneficial

Computershare clients have the option to enable quick authentication for beneficial shareholders entering your virtual/hybrid annual meeting. With this option enabled, beneficial shareholders, whose brokers use either of the two largest proxy service providers, will enter your meeting with the unique voting control number issued by the provider.

Interactive Q&A that puts you in control and creates positive shareholder experiences

You will have a dashboard that allows smooth control and management of interactive Q&A. Questions are tracked to the individual user and can only be seen by the meeting organizers, so you remain in control.
Shareholders can easily type questions in the platform, creating a positive experience. Questions can be submitted before or during your meeting.

The checklist for virtual annual meetings

Computershare successfully managed over 2,000 virtual annual meetings globally last year. With this experience and industry-informed guidance, we created an easy-to-use checklist to help you create a positive experience for your shareholders – and drive the outcomes you expect.
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New industry-informed recommendations for 2021 virtual shareholder meetings

Did you know there are new recommended practices for 2021 virtual shareholder meetings? Computershare's virtual shareholder meeting solution allows you to adhere to the new recommendations. Watch our webinar to hear about the recommendations from these experts:

  • Darla Stuckey, President & CEO, Society for Corporate Governance 
  • Amy Borrus, Executive Director, Council of Institutional Investors
  • Douglas K. Chia, President, Soundboard Governance LLC; Fellow, Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance
  • Paul Conn, President, Global Capital Markets, Computershare

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