Industry leaders discuss various topics on preparing for and navigating life as a public company, and beyond.


Raising Capital for Female Founders

Cecilia Williams, Client Solutions Director at Computershare interviews David B. Horne, Founder of Funding Focus on how to increase funds to female founders and leveling the uneven playing field.


Managing cross border listings

In our first episode of “Ask the IPO experts,” Paul Conn, President, Global Capital Markets, speaks with Charlie Hodge, Managing Director, Global Capital Markets, about managing complex, cross-border listings.


Exploring cross border structures

Transaction requirements for a traditional IPO or a SPAC or a direct listing vary, particularly when cross border elements are a factor. Learn from the experts what you need to know.


Market evolution and changing dynamics

Industry experts discuss landmark capital market transactions and how first-of-a-kind cross border listings have changed the landscape of global markets.


New director training – An absolute must

In this episode of our “Ask the IPO Experts” series, Maddie Scrafton, Managing Director, UK Governance Services at Computershare, shares her insights on director training for newly listed companies.


Navigating the IPO process

In this episode of our Ask the IPO Experts series, Mark Cleland, CEO Issuer Services, UCIA discusses the IPO process and how companies should prepare to be ready at day 1 of listing, and beyond, by aligning with the right team of advisors from the start.


Developing a thriving culture in your boardroom and beyond

How will listing as a public company impact your company culture? Watch the latest episode in our Ask the IPO Experts series to learn more.