See our M&A corporate events web portals in action for different types of shareholder transactions in the demonstration videos below.

Self-Tender and Tender Offers

When your company is planning a tender offer to buy back some of its own stock or all of the stock of a target company, strategic management of the transaction is essential for success. You and your teams deal with confidential information and tight timelines in every offer. Our corporate actions team is sensitive to both. We work closely with your legal counsel, information agent and deal team to ensure superior communication, ease of access to participate, accurate transaction processing, and timely distribution to participating stockholders. Our tender offer web portal provides stockholders with industry leading convenience to tender all or a portion of their shares in response to the offer.

Dutch Tender Offers

Dutch auctions provide your company with a strategy to repurchase your own shares. Equity holders can tender their equity, at any price within the stated range. Once a purchase price is determined, your company will then pay that price to all investors. Our team works closely with your staff to ensure a effective outcome for your company. Our web portal allows shareholders to complete their tender instructions online from any smart device, quickly and securely.

Cash and Stock Elections

A cash and stock election allows shareholders to submit their election instructions, and upon expiration of the offer, receive their final merger consideration. Let our dedicated corporate event experts handle the details and advise you, relying on our decades of experience managing unique corporate events. Our election agent web portal allows for a simple and convenient election process, a key to the success of your transaction.

Exchange Agent Services

Whether your organization is merging with or acquiring another company, Computershare is here to support you. We consult with you and your advisors to manage the entire share exchange process. Our web portal makes it easy for shareholders to submit their instructions, receive the stock due to them and/or cash in lieu consideration, and reduce the volume of unexchanged shareholders.

Paying Agent

When your organization is acquiring another company, you can offer shareholders a seamless process with our web portal for paying agent services. Shareholders will be able to submit their instructions and the required documentation online to receive the cash merger consideration. Transactions are completed with greater accuracy the first time around, and shareholders receive their entitlements timely and accurately.

Dividend Elections

When your shareholders need to make an election on whether to receive their dividend proceeds in the form of cash and/or stock, this significant event requires attention to detail. Our dividend elections web portal offers an integrated system that allows holders to review the necessary documents, make their election, certify their tax status as needed and provide any other required information.

Rights Subscription Offerings

Rights subscriptions are a valuable tool to help your firm achieve its fund-raising or strategic goals while helping investors grow and protect their investments. Offer your shareholders the convenience of participating in your next subscription rights offering using Computershare’s intuitive web portal.

Share Repurchase Program

A share repurchase program offers your company an opportunity to increase shareholder value, can provide tax efficiencies, and flexibility in allocating capital. Through our repurchase program web portal, shareholders can review required documents, enter repurchase instructions, and provide supporting documentation. Through our workspace portal, custodians and issuers can view, approve, or reject submissions, generate submission reports, and view daily submission volumes and categories.


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