We’ve made it easier to order an end of year tax summary. With a few clicks you can request, purchase and download all your tax information with the Portfolio Tax Pack.

What’s on offer​​

If you received Dividend and/or Interest payments throughout the year and you are required to complete an IR3 Tax Return, you may find it convenient to purchase a Portfolio Tax Pack.
For $45 including GST, Portfolio Tax Pack provides you with two files, and an option to instantly download in convenient PDF and CSV formats.

 The information you will receive includes:
  1. A single PDF containing:
    • Cover Letter
    • Payment Summary
    • Holding Balance Summary
  2. A single CSV containing the Payment Summary

Investor Trade

If you have sold shares recently through Investor Trade, there may be tax implications depending on your circumstances. Downloading a tax pack will safeguard your accountant having any unexpected surprises.

Australian securityholdings

You can download tax information for all your Australian securityholdings, click here for further information

Get started

It’s easy to get started, login to www.investorcentre.com/taxpack and enter your CSN/Holder Number and postcode (or country if you reside overseas), and follow the steps below:​​


​Select financial year to purchase​​​​​​​


​Enter your ​​credit or debit card details


​Download your Portfolio Tax Pack

The cost of this service is $45 including GST per tax period. The process is simple and will only take a few moments once you’ve logged in.
Alternatively, if you’d prefer to use the offline service and pay by cheque or direct credit, you will incur a cost of $49.50 and receive a printed statement.

Please submit your payment of $49.50 to:

Computershare Investor Services - Tax Summary account
Bank of New Zealand Ltd - Newmarket Branch
Bank account number - 02-0192-0074249-00


Please ensure that you quote your CSN/Holder Number in the ‘particulars’ field and Surname in the ‘reference’ field on the bank payment advice.
When paying by Direct Credit there is NO need to complete a form.
To order a Tax Summary and pay by cheq​ue​, please complete the attached form below and forward it to:

Computershare Investor Services Ltd
Private Bag 92119
Auckland 1142 ​​​

  End of year tax form

​ ​

The printed statement for the offline service will be posted to you once payment is received.