Driving efficiencies in managing your share register


You can rely on us to drive efficiencies in managing your share register with our end-to-end service offering.  For both certificated and uncertificated shares, we offer a secure and effective process to quickly service shareholders and keep your register up-to-date.  We have the experience to offer you greater process efficiencies, increased accuracy, improved compliance reporting and expanded investor analysis. Our cross border expertise ensures that your secondary listings comply fully with the requirements of the main listing.


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    Industry expertise

    Stay up-to-date with regulatory and legal changes at our informal breakfasts and presentations. The financial services market is constantly evolving - it is important that you know and understand how these affect your business. Our experts work closely with regulators and legislators and have seats on working committees to ensure they are at the forefront of current developments.

Listed on more than one Exchange?

Multi-listed issuers can gain a consolidated online view of all of their registers we administer. With sophisticated cross-register searching and reporting, you are assured of the world's most advanced global shareholder reporting system.

With us, you will have a strategic view of your registry management, a portfolio of integrated online tools and a specialist contact centre. We are the right choice for maximising the long-term loyalty of your stakeholder base, wherever they are in the world.

Personalised client service

You are assigned a client relationship manager backed by a service team of people who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field.  They have grown with the industry and understand the ever-changing market, ensuring you receive an excellent service.

We're passionate about service

We have a dedicated team providing critical services to shareholders and keeping their information secure and up to date. I’ve always loved working with people, servicing shareholders and making sure that what we offer is fit to meet our ever-changing environment. We strive to always be ready for new challenges. I want shareholders to experience Computershare's service as one-of-a-kind.

Self-service and online reporting

We know how important instant access to information is. That’s why we provide you with online self-service capabilities that offer convenient access to the information you need. Through Issuer Online, our web-based facility, you can access reports such as global top-holder, domicile, range analysis and aggregate register and have global holder search functionality.

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