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For a publicly traded company, the regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex. That is why choosing the right registry service partner is a critical decision. Regardless of the size of your register, you need to trust that your provider will securely and seamlessly manage your investors' data and communications. ​

Our team approach:
We have the largest registry service team in Canada and around the world, supported by industry experts and a technological infrastructure that spans the globe. We are focused on protecting and enhancing your company's reputation and delivering a great customer experience to you and your securityholders.​
Dedicated client administration teams: 
We ensure that you receive prompt, reliable service while working to ensure that you are kept up to date on regulatory and industry developments that may impact your business. 
​Experience and insight:
We manage over 125 million securityholder records across more than  20 countries and have the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide you with truly global  research and insights. Our global reach, expertise and insights enable us to shape the industry landscape, anticipate your future needs, and offer more innovative services and solutions to you and your securityholders. 
A complete service provider: 
We are a complete service provider, with end-to-end solutions to meet your needs as your business evolves. From employee equity plans, to corporate actions to trustee services and more, we are there for you with the services and expertise to take care of your needs and add value to your business. 


Recordkeeping and transfer processing

As the world’s largest provider of comprehensive issuer services, as well as transfer agent and registrar for more than 65% of companies listed on Canadian exchanges, you can count on us to provide complete securities recordkeeping and transfer processing to ensure accuracy, expediency and compliance.

From your day-to-day requirements to specialized offerings, we provide your company with everything you'll need now and in the future, including:

  • Dedicated client administration teams across Canada

  • Around-the-clock secure access to your securityholder information via Issuer Online

  • Comprehensive reporting packages and analytics

  • Regular updates on regulatory changes, industry news and trends

  • Our e3 Filing® Regulatory Solutions services provide an easy, efficient and expedient method of filing, with the Canadian Securities Administrators and the US Securities and Exchange Commission, at cost-effective rates

Dividend Reinvestment Plan – The gateway to working capital and securityholder satisfaction

Finding means of raising working capital that are cost-effective and meet legal, stock exchange and banking requirements can be a challenge.

A Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP), which enables your securityholders to purchase additional securities with the proceeds from their dividend disbursements, is an efficient, low-cost method of raising working capital for your company while increasing securityholder engagement and encouraging investment for the long-term.


Easy access to your securityholder data with Issuer Online

Through Issuer Online, you have access to a series of innovative, easy-to-use tools to conveniently reference your securityholder data. 

From reporting functions and voting outcomes to transaction history and investor data, Issuer Online enables you to conveniently and securely access information to share with your board members, executives, and investor relations team. 

The convenience of the Direct Registration System

The Direct Registration System (DRS) simplifies transactions and allows securities to be held and registered electronically in "book-form," doing away with the need for a physical paper certificate.

DRS is becoming commonplace among Canadian issuers, as it has been mandated for all newly listed issues in the U.S. So, DRS is a must if you are thinking about listing your company on the NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX. DRS also helps you avoid the inconvenience, risk and cost of replacement that comes with lost certificates and allows for fully auditable electronic transfers.​​

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