​During these unprecedented times of economic uncertainty, much attention is being given the crucial role of essential workers putting their health at risk while frequently being paid low hourly or salary wages.  While there has been discussion and some limited action by companies around providing premium or hazard pay in the short-term, there has been little to no discussion around long-term solutions to compensate these workers fairly once we are out of this crisis.  Attend this interesting and insightful session where panelists will focus on new design approaches to your rewards program, e.g.,  the use of a nonqualified ESPP, for your hourly workers and hear what other companies are doing to ensure their employee value proposition ‘for all’ remains competitive during this time!

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Jon Burg
Partner and Practice Leader, Infinite Equity

Liz Stoudt
Partner, Infinite Equity

Robyn Shutak

Equity Advisory Services Practice Leader, Computershare