Join this exciting look into measuring the impact of employee share plans on employee engagement. This panel will introduce the concepts surrounding employee engagement—from discussing how engagement can be classified to defining and measuring engagement, and with your participation, this session will take a deeper dive into what engagement should mean to you and your organization. Attendees will be asked to consider and discuss the role share-based awards play in effective employee engagement and will learn how engagement measures differ for broad-based to discretionary plans, how share plan awards can have a negative impact on engagement, how removing a share plan can affect employee engagement, and how employee equity plans can really unite a business.

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Garry Harding​
Associate Director, Client Management, Computershare

James Hayton
Professor, Warwick School​ of Business

Polly McPhillips
Global Head, Reward Services, Incentives & Recognition, SAP

Robyn Shutak
Equity Advisory Services Practice Leader, Computershare