Your shareholders invested in your company because they believe in what you do, either as promoters of what you sell or for your ability to generate growth for their investment portfolio.

As a transfer agent, it's our job to keep registered shareholders happy with the best service options in the industry. We want to fulfill your shareholder's needs quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on the myriad other important things on your desk.

While much of our focus is on helping companies meet their corporate goals and managing shareholder registers, we also invest a significant amount of effort into servicing shareholders. This includes not only providing service across multiple channels but also giving your shareholders more options and conveniences than any other agent. The shareholder service experience is an important piece of how investors view your company and we take this responsibility seriously. We strive to continuously innovate to meet and exceed the needs of the modern shareholder and we hope this reflects positively on your company.

Here's a snapshot of some of our ongoing endeavors that keep your shareholders happy and connected: 

  • Text messaging. We are the only transfer agent that offers text messaging. More than 700,000 shareholders have signed up for text notices to confirm purchases, sales and transfers, without having to go online or place a phone call.

  • Modern mobile. Today's investors want to access their accounts on the go, and now they can via a smartphone or tablet through our Investor CenterTM website's mobile capabilities. They can easily check balances, review transactions, download statements, check on recent payments, update contact information and replace outstanding checks.

  • Web tools. The Investor Center site uses advanced security features to allow immediate access for shareholders and provides them with unique tools such as Transfer Wizard, tax software compatibility and portfolio views.

  • Authenticated live chat. For shareholders who prefer the web over the phone but require additional assistance, we offer a secure chat interface they can use to engage with a customer service representative.

  • Online certificate replacement. Replacing paper stock certificates can be a time consuming process for shareholders so we've put the entire process online for certain replacements – the only transfer agent to do so.

  • Friendly phone support. Shareholders always have the option to obtain the information they need quickly through our call centers. We provide your shareholders with the longest call center hours and the most feature-rich automated telephone options in the industry.

  • Proprietary pre-escheatment search. Our extensive search services help locate new addresses or heirs and assist in establishing contact for accounts to help avoid escheatment.

  • Currency exchange. Overseas shareholders can receive payment in their choice of more than 75 currencies, saving them the hassle of conversion on their end. No other transfer agent offers as many currency options.

  • Security. Data security is a top concern for everyone and we have the resources to maintain thorough compliance, audit, risk, anti-fraud, disaster recovery and business continuity programs.

  • Unique service capabilities. You and your shareholders enjoy the benefits of our global operations – allowing us to bring best practices from around the world.

When a shareholder contacts us, they're working with someone who knows your company, your culture and the expectations you have for establishing relationships with your investors. We remain dedicated to your company's success.