NEW YORK – Traditional annual general meetings (AGMs) dominated the 2023 AGM season, with 70% of Computershare's US clients opting for an in-person event, according to Computershare’s inaugural US Annual Meetings Report.

The global financial services provider analyzed more than 1,100 AGMs of its US clients and noted that 28% chose to host virtual meetings, with only 2% choosing hybrid.

Computershare also said that most US issuers prefer to host annual meetings mid-week, at or near the start of the workday and during May.

“In-person meetings were as popular this year as they were before the pandemic, suggesting that many of our US clients have returned to a ‘business as usual’ approach,” said Ann Bowering, CEO of Computershare Issuer Services in the US. 

“Nevertheless, virtual meetings still appeal to many: Computershare clients in sectors such as funds, travel and telecommunications preferred hosting all or nearly all their meetings virtually in 2023.”

The annual report filings of S&P 100 companies show that the majority (82) chose to hold a fully remote event.

Computershare’s report also found that mail-in paper ballots were the primary choice (63%) for directly registered shareholders voting at Computershare-hosted US AGMs.

The report also found that e-voting — defined as votes cast before the annual meeting via online or through an interactive voice response phone system — accounted for 37% of votes lodged by directly registered shareholders at US Computershare-run issuer meetings in 2023.

Online voting constituted 30%, whereas phone-based voting saw 7% (percentages that had remained largely unchanged from the previous year).

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  1. The 2023 AGM season begins on July 1, 2022, and ends June 30, 2023.
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