New products can meet governing agreement’s credit rating and liquidity requirements

NEW YORK, NY – Computershare Corporate Trust has introduced a suite of deposit account options that redefine the traditional, single depository institution model.

The business, which is a part of global financial services firm Computershare Limited, drew upon its parent company’s global network of highly-rated financial institutions to develop deposit account options that meet the credit rating and liquidity conditions of governing agreement requirements — including those of trusts.

Many products in the suite offer interest-bearing deposit account options, with different return rates for structured finance and conventional debt, as well as trust and agency clients.

The product range offers customizable investment models, each of which have been designed to provide market-based flexibility. The deposit account options are tailored to each client’s requirements, liquidity and risk profile.

A traditional single bank depository product is also available.

“Our global banking model offers choice to clients based upon the product that best suits their requirements, including maintaining high levels of liquidity, achieving higher yields, or choosing a single depository institution model,” said Michael Watchke, Head of Computershare Corporate Trust in the US.

“The distribution of deposits among a group of investment-grade banks can positively affect rates of return and provide our clients with greater control over their cash deposits.”

Computershare said it actively monitors the market to understand and identify risks. The company partners with investment-grade financial institutions, such as domestic FDIC-insured and international banks, that are highly-rated by S&P, Moody’s or Fitch to administer the deposits and investment activities of trust and agency clients.


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