New York, NY – Global transfer agent Computershare has confirmed that several Fortune 500 companies, among them M&T Bank Corporation, have successfully deployed a solution that authenticates beneficial shareholders and enables them to gain entry to a virtual or hybrid meeting in the US.

The company said the solution, based on technology being deployed across the industry, also enables beneficial shareholders to participate fully in Q&As.

Access and participation is made possible via a platform provided by Computershare or another provider, and certain beneficial shareholders can also take part in votes through a digital proxy.

Before the introduction of the solution, beneficial shareholders had to either secure a legal proxy from their broker ahead of a virtual meeting or attend as a guest, the latter of which would mean they could not vote.

Computershare said that the clients that have so far made use of the system include market-leading companies in the pharmaceutical, food and drink, engineering and banking sectors.

Jennifer Warren, CEO Issuer Services North America at Computershare, said: “The solution enables beneficial owners to be authenticated and access AGMs seamlessly, meaning they can attend and take part as easily and meaningfully as their shareholder rights allow.

“Last year we were able to help thousands of clients across the globe overcome barriers created by the pandemic and hold shareholder meetings virtually, many for the first time.

“Our technology, experiences and expertise mean we are continuing to help clients, whatever their size, overcome these challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of online AGMs, including through the use of video, to enhance shareholder engagement in a way that best suits their needs and budgets.”

Computershare said its President, Global Capital Markets, Paul Conn, had worked with other leading industry stakeholders and groups to introduce the technology across the sector.

Behind the scenes, the technology connects Computershare’s virtual shareholder meeting offering to the two other large proxy services providers in the US.

A hybrid meeting combines physical and virtual attendance, and can include audio and/or video, the company added.

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