​​New York, NY – May 16, 2016 – Computershare Limited (ASX:CPU) announced today it has completed the acquisition of Altavera Mortgage Services, LLC. The company also announced the completion of its acquisition of Capital Markets Cooperative, LLC (CMC) on April 29, 2016.

Altavera and CMC are a vital part of Computershare's strategy to grow its global mortgage services business, which includes mortgage servicer Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and Homeloan Management (HML) in the United Kingdom.

These acquisitions significantly expand Computershare's ability to support mortgage lenders and investors through each stage of the mortgage life cycle. CMC's range of secondary market solutions, combined with Altavera's loan fulfillment offerings and Computershare's existing loan servicing solution, will help the company deliver services critical to the success of lenders.

Computershare has established an integration team to bring together a unified loan services solution for its clients and expects clients to begin seeing benefits from the combined approach in the coming months. Altavera and CMC management teams along with their employees will be integral to the success of this growing segment of the Computershare portfolio of companies.

For more information, please visit altavera.com and www.capmkts.org

About Computershare Limited

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