Starting Feb. 2, 2015, users of TurboTax® tax preparation software will be able to directly import 1099DIV and 1099B tax information for Computershare-administered registered shareholdings, including dividend reinvestment and direct stock purchase plans, as well as Computershare-administered employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs).
Computershare is the only transfer agent offering immediate import of tax-related data to TurboTax for registered shareholders and ESPP participants – providing the same convenience users are accustomed to for their employers’ W-2 forms, as well as their bank and brokerage investment account 1099s. As increasing numbers of taxpayers are filing electronically – 81 percent in 2012 compared to just 28 percent in 2000 – the ability to import tax information will make electronic filing simpler and easier for more of our clients' shareholders and employees.
Thanks to Computershare’s portfolio logic, shareholders and ESPP participants will be able to import tax information for most holdings simultaneously, through a single login, rather than accessing each investment individually. There are a few exceptions, such as stock options and bond holdings, that cannot be imported directly. TurboTax users will still have to enter tax information for those types of holdings into the software manually.
TurboTax connectivity with Computershare has been one of the most frequent requests Intuit has received from its users, and we are pleased to be able to offer this service to our clients’ holders this year.
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