It's important to maintain a plan to refine your shareholder register to maximize value and manage expenses. There are a number of programs any company should consider to keep the register in good order:

  • small shareholder program reaches out to holders of small amounts of stock to either encourage the purchase of additional shares or sell their minute positions. These programs increase your average shareholder value.
  • An asset reunification program will help your company minimize due diligence costs and risk of an escheatment audit.
  • Foreign currency payments allow your overseas shareholders to more easily receive payment and manage transactions.
  • By de-duplicating your registry, you can reduce redundant costs associated with multiple accounts for single holders.
  • Clean up the mess of unexchanged shares following a corporate action by implementing a shareholder clean-up program.
  • Encourage your shareholders to eschew paper certificates, which are more likely to be lost, stolen or damaged. By owning shares in book-entry form through the Direct Registration System, holders' investments are more secure and your company can reduce costs.

Computershare recommends all companies look into these programs to help maintain an efficient register while keeping costs under control.