​Every year, billions of dollars become available as the result of settlements in class action lawsuits. Often, companies don’t even realize they’re eligible to receive funds from these settlements. As an extension of our financial recordkeeping expertise, Computershare helps companies retrieve this money through the Settlement Recovery Group (SRG). SRG only gets involved in settlements, not lawsuits – and getting a refund does not involve litigation or adversarial relationships with the companies that pay out the settlements.

Who is the Settlement Recovery Group?

The Settlement Recovery Group is a division of Computershare that helps companies obtain refund money from class action settlements once they have been reached.

Class action lawsuits often result in sizable settlements when companies accused of price fixing or other anti-competitive practices stop fighting the charges and agree to settle. These voluntary settlements create valuable opportunities for our clients.

SRG alerts eligible companies about class action refund opportunities. We help them determine which expenditures could qualify for a refund, and how to present and position their claim. SRG files their claims, handles the administrative details and works with the claims administrators to obtain and maximize recovery money for our clients.

Pursuing overlooked opportunities

The recovery opportunities can be significant in size and scope. Settlement funds can reach several billion dollars. Relatively few companies that are eligible for a refund from a settlement will actually file a claim. Often there is lack of awareness, reluctance, indifference or misconceptions about the settlement. Whatever the reason, the inaction of potential claimants in a class action settlement is an opportunity.

Since forming in 2011, SRG has filed refund claims for clients in diverse areas such as freight charges, electronics, agriculture, raw materials, equipment, consumer goods, foreign exchange and overcharges on credit card fees. We survey dozens of class action cases, and we act on a select few that provide the best value. Many of our clients have filed multiple claims with SRG, and our refunds provide them a “found money” annuity.

Delivering refund money is good client service

SRG serves clients beyond our shareholder and plan management services. We provide recovery opportunities with no upfront costs and work on a contingency basis. If SRG is successful in obtaining a refund for your company, we are paid a percentage of the recovered funds. If we are not successful, there is no charge for our services.

Some of our current settlements include:

  • Air cargo
  • Cathode ray tubes
  • DRAM products
  • Foreign exchange benchmark rates
  • Freight forwarding
  • Optical disk drive products
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Steel products
  • Credit card fees

​Read more about these cases at srgllc.com.

Let SRG help you

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Our website is continually being updated with new cases and developments. Visit www.srgllc.com for more information.