​The year has just started, but our preparations well underway for the upcoming tax season. In addition to ensuring quality shareholder service from our communications center, our technology teams have been updating our systems to deliver the best possible experience for you, your shareholders and your employees. Here are a few examples:

  • We initiated our recruiting cycle for the tax and proxy seasons last summer to ensure we have the staff in place and fully trained going into 2016.

  • Last year, Computershare was the first transfer agent to offer connection to TurboTax for registered shareholders and employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) participants. This year, we’ve expanded those capabilities to include H&R Block’s software. Nearly 150,000 shareholders took advantage of the TurboTax capabilities last year, and we expect the numbers to go up this year with the addition of H&R Block.

  • Our popular “quick tax” link – used by more than 300,000 shareholders last year – is back on the homepage of Investor Center​ to assist your shareholders as they prepare to file. This easy link gives shareholders direct and immediate access to the tax forms they need for their filings.​

We are continually working to develop a positive experience for all stakeholders, shareholders and employees. If Computershare clients have any questions about our efforts during the tax and proxy seasons, please contact your relationship manager.