​​An information agent is a firm that is responsible for communicating the details of capital transactions to all relevant security-holders and to provide stakeholder feedback on the offer. The role of an information agent is complex, and it is important to the success of your company’s corporate actions.

When a company enters into a corporate action such as a tender, election or rights offering, the information agent helps create a plan to communicate the details of the transaction to relevant stakeholders. Examples of the services an information agent might provide include:

  • Reviewing preliminary offering documents. Helping ensure your documents are clear and easy for shareholders to understand.
  • Preparing of financial advertising. Assisting with the placement of tombstone ads, as needed, in national newspapers and providing press release support.
  • Mailing documents to registered securities holders and disseminate material to banks, brokers and intermediaries. Managing this critical component to ensure all stakeholders receive the information they need.
  • Providing telephone support. Placing outbound calls to shareholders to maximize participation in any offers you are making or receiving inbound calls from shareholders to answer questions.

Full-service providers, like Computershare, have the experience to support your company through any corporate action. Together with our sister company, Georgeson, we provide information agent functions under one roof. The benefits of a combined information agent and corporate action administrator include:

  • Seamless processing of all transactions
  • Coordinated client support providing a simplified experience for you
  • Single provider for document printing and media placement services
  • Expanded capabilities offering proxy solicitation, information agent, depositary, election agent and employee plan processing

Chris Hayden is a senior managing director in Georgeson’s corporate proxy practice who advises public operating and investment management companies on corporate governance issues, shareholder proposals and proxy contests. 

Dan DeWeever is a product manager for Computershare with nearly 30 years of experience in financial services. He specializes in strategy development for complex corporate actions.