​The vast majority of shareholders vote by proxy. And far too many don’t bother to vote. With Computershare’s extensive experience, we’ve learned some best practices from our clients over the years on ways to boost the vote. Here is a sampling of some of the better ones – you can choose the ones that are right for you.

Don’t Forget Your Own People
  • ​Encourage your employee shareholders to vote by sending them emails with access to proxy materials.
  • Due to the substantial positions of directors, officers, and founder’s family and trusts, it would be a great help if they voted.
Smart, Targeted Communications

  • Make sure your proxy materials are in plain English, whether they are paper, electronic or mobile.
  • If a shareholder voted last year, target them and send a full package of proxy materials to get them to vote again this year.
  • Hire a pro – proxy solicitors know how to get out the vote (our sister company, Georgeson can be of help).
  • Have your transfer agency’s call center representatives remind shareholders to vote when they call.
  • Add an upfront message to your company’s custom automated telephone system advising holders to vote their proxy.

Reminders and Incentives 

  • Send out reminders, even if the shareholder previously received a mailed package.
  • Incentivize voting through a publication/newsletter sent to voters, discounts on products/services or a gift.