​Georgeson has released its 2015 edition of the Annual Corporate Governance Review, which contains the definitive set of 2015 proxy data for your reference, and an analysis of the trends that may affect the 2016 proxy season.

The ACGR is available for download on Georgeson's website.

In addition, Georgeson's new proxy fight primer gives a high level overview of the process, which is an intense and high-stakes undertaking. The new publication will provide guidance for issues such as:

  • Key preparations
  • Knowing your shareholder base
  • Engagement and communications

This primer gives an overview of the critical actions needed to be taken with respect to the meeting, from the preliminary proxy statement through definitive filing and the definitive filing through meeting date.

Also, be on the lookout in the coming weeks for Georgeson's say-on-pay white paper that will cover the ins and outs of preparing your company's say-on-pay strategy.

More proxy information and trends can be found on the Georgeson website.