Computershare is best known as a transfer agent, but did you know we can act as your corporate debt trustee and fulfill any escrow agent needs?

Computershare administers over $1.7 trillion in debt worldwide, maintains $16 billion in daily average balances globally, and moves $1 trillion in transactional activity annually, offering a seamless cross-border corporate trust solution in North America. We provide diverse, bank-neutral investment solutions with well capitalized financial institutions.

We provide personal attention to our customers and enjoy deep relationships in the legal community. Our execution process is efficient and includes a streamlined "know your customer"(KYC) process, at competitive fees. Our team handles important administrative and payment tasks on your behalf, including:

  • Oversight of your obligations towards bondholders and covenant compliance
  • Dissemination of communications and distributions to bondholders and depositories
  • Receipt and investment of funds
  • Maintenance of bondholders' register and transfers
  • Default administration
  • Full paying and distribution agent services