When you offer your employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) globally, you need to consider the different regulatory, taxation and legislative requirements for each region. These vary by jurisdiction and must be addressed and managed when setting up the plan to ensure your ESPP is compliant from the start – and stays compliant.

At the same time, you want to be sure your plan managers and participants around the globe enjoy the same exceptional online environment when interacting with your plan. To give your global employees a consistent experience, you need one provider offering a single ESPP management platform for your plans team, with a participant portal and mobile app, allowing employees to engage with their portfolios through their channel of choice.

Simplify ESPP management with EquatePlusSimplify ESPP management with EquatePlus

Simplify ESPP management with EquatePlus

Managing complex employee equity plans across borders should be straightforward and hassle-free. EquatePlus gives your plan management team the power of intuitive, connected technologies, enabling them to manage all your global plans from one place with ease.

  • Stay in control – A single dashboard gives you a global view, for greater visibility into all aspects of your plan.
  • Flexible, real-time reporting – Use standard and customized reports to track plan performance and make smart business decisions.
  • Seamless data management – Take better control of your data with direct access to monitor and update information.
  • Plan ahead – Project impacts on participant holdings as a result of employment changes.
  • Easily answer queries – With one click you can view the participant portal exactly as an individual participant does, making it easier to answer questions.
EquatePlus participant portal EquatePlus participant portal

Put your employees in control with the participant portal

The EquatePlus participant portal is an intuitive, easy to use share plan portal that puts participants firmly in control of their holdings. Customized for your company, participants are greeted with your logo and personalized banners on the home page. A better experience for your participants means enhanced engagement with your ESPP.

  • Modern interface – Rich capabilities give participants greater control over their holdings so they can transact with confidence and ease.
  • Smooth transactions – Access to real-time share values and trading with step-by-step instructions makes transactions more efficient.
  • Clear task management – Participants will never miss a deadline or share plan event with dynamic push notifications that simplify task management.
  • Portal personalization – Participants can personalize their portal with their choice of 24 languages and 135 currencies.
  • Comprehensive document library – All historical transactions and documents are housed in the library so participants can view everything in one place.
  • Help at your fingertips – A help section provides informative articles and FAQs to answer the most common questions.
EquateMobile EquateMobile

Drive ESPP participation with EquateMobile

While not all your employees are in roles with access to a computer, most have a mobile device. With the EquateMobile app, your plan participants can effortlessly log in and set up their account directly from the app on their mobile device – no need to register on the EquatePlus platform from a computer first.

Once their account is activated, participants can view their portfolios at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. They can stay up to date with the value of their holdings and will never miss plan-related events or opportunities again.

  • Key information overview page – A single overview page provides a real-time portfolio summary at a glance.
  • Plan information in one place – Plan details including events, rules and documents are available on one screen, allowing users to review all plan-related activity.
  • Simple to transact – Step-by-step instructions guide participants through elections and transactions.
  • Clear value breakdowns – Users can easily explore their holdings available with conditions, without conditions or locked.
  • Anytime, anywhere access – View portfolio value, explore share prices and transact on the go.
  • Track transactions – Access to open and completed transaction history.
  • Secure access – Use fingerprint or facial recognition integration and 2-factor authentication.
  • Multiple languages – EquateMobile is available in eight languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.

If your ESPP technology doesn’t deliver a consistent experience for your global participants and plan managers alike, it’s time to find a better solution.

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