Change can be disruptive, but it is often a blessing in disguise that leads to a better way of doing things. This certainly is the case when it comes to the cash and investment activities of trust and agency accounts administered by Computershare Corporate Trust. For nearly two decades leading Corporate Trust Investment Solutions at Wells Fargo Corporate Trust Services, I engaged solely with Wells Fargo’s internal investment partners when it came to administering deposit balances.

As the Head of Treasury at Computershare Corporate Trust, I have witnessed a remarkable change that is expected to benefit our clients in numerous ways. Instead of engaging with only a single depository institution, Computershare is now able to offer a wider array of deposit products through our global network of approximately 20 different banking partners.

Not only does this allow Computershare to offer a wider variety of investment yield options, but it also is likely to decrease the concentration risk that arises from having balances at a single financial institution.

Computershare Corporate Trust’s range of banking partners gives clients the ability to tailor preferences or design personalized deposit options to better meet their financial needs. Our global banking model is a positive change that provides flexibility and value for our clients.

When selecting a service provider for your structured finance, conventional debt, and trust & agency needs, you should always consider these four attributes:

Stability: Can I rely on the trustee to perform over the entire life of the deal?

With decades of industry experience and over $5 trillion of debt under administration*, Computershare Corporate Trust has proven itself to be a reliable industry leader to a wide variety of clients. We continue to fulfill our clients’ unique and changing transactional needs as we leverage our global banking network.

Risk management: How does the trustee monitor client counterparty risk?

The Computershare Treasury team regularly assesses all of our banking partners for any adverse ratings activity or information that could impact any balances. Addressing concentration risk is inherent to Computershare Corporate Trust’s new global banking model, providing sound risk management practices and peace of mind to our clients.

Customization: To what degree can the trustee cater to my deposit and return preferences?

Computershare Corporate Trust’s global banking network ensures that you will be able to choose from a wide array of deposit products that meet the credit rating and liquidity requirements for your transaction as required by the governing documents.

Yield: Is the trustee able to help me leverage the rate environment?

Computershare Corporate Trust’s network of banking partners is uniquely situated to provide customers the greatest flexibility in this regard, and we are excited to see how this approach can continue to add value for our clients.


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*Data for the 12-months ending 06/30/2022. DUA includes all issues within the paying agency system of record. All totals are in USD. CAD to USD exchange rate .78 on 06/30/2022.