Solutions for every stage of the SPAC lifecycle and beyond

Going public via a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)? Knowing the rules, requirements, and right steps to follow can be quite the undertaking. Let Computershare lend its professional expertise to help navigate the process. From SPAC IPO to Business Combination and beyond, we offer all the services needed under one roof.

SPAC IPO launch

Pre-IPO Activities

  • Trustee and transfer agent selection
  • Coordination of appointment closing documentation
  • Issuance of units; common and warrant upon closing
  • Movement of IPO proceeds at closing

Post-IPO Activities

  • Separation of units; common and warrants
  • Warrant exercises
  • Distributions
  • SPAC liquidation (if applicable)

Business Combination &
De-SPAC Process

Pre-Business Combination

  • Secure shareholder file of Target Company
  • Solicit shareholder approval
  • Proxy – shareholder vote tabulation
  • Redemption of shares
  • PIPE placements
  • Escrow of PIPE proceeds
  • Exchange/paying agent selection

Post-Business Combination

  • DTC position swing and new CUSIP
  • Issuance of shares for the NEWCO
  • Escrow of holdbacks

Growth & and
management – NewCo

  • Ongoing transfer agent services
  • Ongoing warrant agent services
  • End to end annual meeting services (virtual, hybrid, in person)
  • Corporate governance consulting
  • Equity plan administration
  • Entity compliance services
  • Registered agent services
  • Section 16 reporting and filing services
  • Board management tools
  • Abandoned property services

That’s right. With Computershare, every single one of the services in our solution is overseen by our expert internal resources. There’s no need to coordinate with multiple vendors, or vet security protocols and procedures. One partner can guide your client through it all. How’s that for a centralized – and straightforward – approach?

A trusted advisor

Founded in 1978, Computershare is  a global leader in transfer agency, employee equity plans, mortgage servicing, proxy solicitation, stakeholder communications, and other diversified financial and governance services. The world's leading organizations work with us to maximize their relationships with investors, employees, creditors, members and customers.

Our clients know they can count on our investment in technology, years of industry leadership, locations throughout the world and commitment to service to form long-term relationships that produce real business results.

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