Why Choose Computershare for your Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) Transaction?

Going public is one of the most paramount moments in a company’s history, and the main paths to the public market – traditional IPOs, direct listings, or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) – can be complex with a myriad of idiosyncrasies. Successful SPAC IPOs require building a strong team of professional advisors, and your choice of transfer agent is a critical component to a successful launch and beyond.

As a leading provider of IPO services in the US and around the globe, Computershare is uniquely positioned to provide services for SPAC IPOs. With decades of collective experience, we’ve worked on some of the largest and most complex transactions in the world.

Comprehensive SPAC/De-SPAC transaction services

Computershare provides comprehensive services for each stage of a SPACs progression, including pre- and post-IPO activities, De-SPAC, and the ongoing registry and corporate governance services you/your clients need for life as a newly public company.

Our full-service delivery model, focused on providing SPAC issuers with a centralized and simplified approach improves the ease of doing business, and includes the following:

SPAC IPO launch

Pre-IPO Activities

  • Trustee, transfer agent and warrant agent selection
  • Coordination of appointment closing documentation
  • Issuance of units; common and warrant upon closing
  • Movement of IPO proceeds at closing

Post-IPO Activities

  • Separation of units; common and warrants
  • SPAC liquidation (if applicable)

Business Combination &
De-SPAC Process

Pre-Business Combination

  • Secure shareholder file of Target Company
  • Solicit shareholder approval
  • Proxy – shareholder vote tabulation
  • Process redemptions
  • Exchange/paying agent selection
  • PIPE placements and statement distribution
  • PIPE cash escrow

Post-Business Combination

  • DTC position swing and new CUSIP
  • Merger consideration distributed to NEWCO
  • Escrow of holdbacks

Growth and
management – NewCo

  • Ongoing transfer agent and warrant agent services
  • End to end annual meeting services (virtual, hybrid, in person)
  • Corporate governance consulting
  • Equity plan administration
  • Entity compliance services
  • Registered agent services
  • Section 16 reporting and filing services
  • Board management tools
  • Abandoned property services


The De-SPAC process

Setting your newly formed public company up for success
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Save time, save money and focus on your most important priorities as a newly public company with confidence – knowing that Computershare will execute every step with precision.


Exceptional quality, responsive
customer service


When accuracy and fast turnaround are critical during your most high profile, high stake moments, Computershare delivers. Our expert SPAC support team has decades of experience on hundreds of IPO transactions – including the most complex and groundbreaking. We’re focused on providing you/your clients with high quality, responsive customer service throughout the life cycle of your SPAC.


Industry leading technology


Hit the ground running with a partner that combines the right technology with the right support providing an optimal experience for you and your new investors. With real-time access to all your registry data in Computershare’s Issuer Online platform, business decision making has never been easier. Your investors will enjoy the simple, intuitive navigation and industry leading functionality of Investor Center to manage their investor portfolio online. And you’ll be able to offer your shareholders an ecosystem of modern communication channels such as online chat, traditional web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and live customer service channels.

 Expert guidance to get you ready for your SPAC IPO

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