Reduce the time and effort of delivering new employee share plan awards

Delivering new awards is complex and it is imperative to have a fully auditable trail to remain compliant. Spreadsheets and error-prone manual calculations are simply no longer suitable practices for international corporations today. That’s why we have introduced Automated Grant Engine, the powerful new awards engine for EquatePlus.

Automated Grant Engine simplifies delivering new awards through a powerful engine that keeps track of company plan rules and generates them automatically. It allows for quick delivery in a controlled manner and eliminates manual effort with fast, reliable, automated calculations.

Deliver new awards effortlessly

Automated Grant Engine comes with a fully supported set-up service from a dedicated team of experts. It is designed specifically for complex multi-jurisdiction schemes with extensive levels, rules and exceptions.

  • Faster

    • Eliminate manual effort

    • Fast, reliable automated calculations

    • Transfer data directly to and from EquatePlus

    • Handles any complexity of rules, jurisdictions and plan types

    • Manage exceptions with ease

  • Smarter

    • Free your administrators to focus on oversight

    • Flexible modelling and forecasting

    • Reporting at any level of detail

    • Collaborate across borders with data in a single point

    • Award segmentation for accounting and reporting

  • Secure

    • Fully supported set-up

    • All your plan rules are documented and tested

    • Built-in validation and quality control

    • Reduced errors and risk from manual processes

    • Full audit trails and history

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    Audit-proof for compliance certainty

    We understand the complexity involved in delivering new awards. We also understand the importance of having a fully auditable trail to remain compliant.

    Audit requirements and the cost of managing complicated rules mean that organisations are turning to us for the robust, streamlined solution they increasingly require.

    Our Automated Grant Engine enables you to deliver new awards without the headaches. It significantly reduces your workload and removes the complexity of new awards with all the certainty of a fully auditable process.

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