Your employee equity plans are a key tool to attract, and even more importantly, retain the talent you need to support your company’s goals. But for them to work this way, you need to successfully:​

Is it time to outsource your equity plans administration?

Outsourcing the administration of your employee equity plans has many benefits. But before you take the plunge, read this article to find out if the time is right for you.
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Easily engage emplo​yees

The best-designed employee equity plans only work when the participants understand the value of what is being offered and are able to easily manage those plans. With Computershare, your plan participants will have access to the education tools and service solutions they need to do exactly that:​​

Flexible account management

  • 24/7 web access to manage your plans
  • Live chat on web site
  • Live call center with extensive hours
  • Single sign-on through your intranet

Executive services

  • Dedicated team for trades by your senior executives
  • Create, implement and manage 10b5-1 plans
  • Form 144 filing with SEC
  • Section 16 Manager for Form 3, 4 and 5 filing

Manage vested awards and ESPP purchases

  • No brokerage account needed to hold and sell shares
  • Market and limit orders
  • Deposit sales proceeds in domestic or international bank

Global support

  • Multilingual support on web, IVR and live call center
  • Payments in 140+ currencies for sales and dividend payments

Participant education

  • Education site with articles, podcasts, videos, and more
  • Financial wellness webinars

Custom communications

  • Fully customized communication campaigns tailored to your plan types, your participants and your corporate culture

How engaged are employees with your equity plans?

If you want the plans you offer to attract and retain top talent, you need to ensure they are engaged with those plans. Read this article on the top five ways to engage your employees with your equity plans.
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Focus on peopl​​e priorities

Plans are a great tool for attracting and retaining talent, but you can’t spend your days managing the minutiae of those plans. You need to stay focused on your strategic people priorities. With Computershare, you’ve got a partner to take on the day-to-day so you can focus on what matters.​
Your dedicated account management team
  • Relationship Manager – Oversees strategic direction of your plans, ensuring they are properly managed and designed to be competitive in the marketplace.
  • Account Manager – Go-to person for day-to-day plans administration tasks.
  • Client Operations Manager – Monitors operational aspects of your plans, such as transactions, call center and more.
  • Communications Program Manager – Collaborates with you to design and execute a communications program that maximizes employee engagement and participation.
  • Financial Reporting Specialist – Assists with producing all necessary financial reports, providing technical support as needed.

Tools that make it easier for you to administer your plans
When you need (or want) to do things yourself, you’ll have access to a suite of tools to help you manage your plans – produce fully customizable administrative reports, adjust and correct individual participant or grant data, view a read-only version of participant accounts to assist with questions, generate fully-auditable, IFRS- and US-GAAP-compliant financial reports, and more.
Equity advisory services
How well do your equity plans perform? Do you know if they succeed in attracting and retaining talent? How do you compare with your competition? With Computershare, you’ll have those answers. Our advisory services group works with you to review your plan design, applying current benchmarks and best practices to ensure your plans attract and retain the talent you need.

Plan for all ​​possibilities

​​​​As your company grows and evolves, so too will your needs for talent. The plans you offer have to evolve right alongside those needs. However your company may change, Computershare has the expertise, experience and f​​lexibility to grow and change with you.​​​

Ready to get sta​​rted?​​​​​

If you're ready to outsource the plans you manage in-house, find a provider for new plans being offered, or switch to a vendor motivated to help you advance your talent strategy, let us know. Fill out the form below to speak to one of new business representatives.​​