Indivior PLC (“Indivior”) is well-known in the pharmaceutical industry as the leader in addiction treatment. Founded in 1994 and publically traded on the London Stock Exchange, Indivior specializes in the development and production of remedies for drug overdoses and addiction. Their global headquarters are located in Richmond, Virginia. They are a client of Computershare.


Indivior decided to offer a new qualified employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) to its U.S. employees. They needed a communication campaign to educate their U.S. staff on what the plan was, how it worked, its benefits and how to get started. With only three months until the open enrollment window, the campaign had to support Indivior’s three goals for the ESPP:

  • Give employees a personal financial interest in corporate success
  • Encourage the “ownership” behavior this supports
  • Incorporate Indivior’s guiding principles – see it, own it, make it happen – into the materials

Although Indivior knew the messages they wanted to convey, they were unsure how to put together a campaign that could deliver. To help with this effort, they asked Computershare to develop a communication campaign that would introduce, educate and create excitement about the new plan.


Computershare’s Plans Education Group offers fullservice, customized education programs for plans clients. We developed a comprehensive campaign based on a unifying theme: Invest in Indivior and Invest in Your Future. The Plans Education Group worked closely with Indivior to design a multimedia program that rolled out in three phases:​

  • indivior_poster

    Phase 1

    Posters, tent cards and plan highlights

  • indivior_brochure

    Phase 2

    Reminder emails, brochure and presentation

  • indivior_whiteboardvideo

    Phase 3

    On-site training sessions and video


43 percent enrollment, more than double the industry average participation rate of 19 percent. 

The message in all materials embraced Indivior’s guiding principles in order to tie the benefits of the ESPP more closely with the culture of Indivior. The multiple phases ensured that all employees were aware of the program and had all the information they needed to make an informed decision on whether or not to participate. As a result, the campaign was a great success. During the first offering period, enrollment came in at 43 percent, more than double the industry average participation rate of 19 percent.

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