Did you ever wonder If you could gift your shares? Gifting your shares is an easy way to celebrate any special occasion – birthdays, graduations, holidays – or just for the joy of it.

What are the benefits of gift transfer?

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    It’s an easy, efficient, secure way for you to transfer shares to an unlimited number of recipients.

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    It can help you achieve your wealth management and estate planning objectives.

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    It can help minimize gift taxes due by donating within the gift tax exclusion limit.

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    It can help gift recipients save for their future, whether they choose to hold or sell their shares.

You Can Gift Your Shares Today

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How does it work? Simple.

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    Transfer/gift shares may help to avoid future gift taxes

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    Gift shares instead of buying a gift that won’t be used

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    Teach the next generation about share ownership by gifting shares in a company

Find out more about IRS Gift Taxes, including annual maximum gifting amounts, exclusions and other important information

Please note individual states may also have laws regarding gift taxes.

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IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: In offering gift transfers, Computershare is not providing, and does not intend to provide, any legal or tax advice. You should consult with your attorney or tax advisor before engaging in any gift transfer.

* Only accounts of natural persons are eligible for gift transfers