To make an enquiry about your shareholdings in person / by phone / online form

In person

17M Floor / 
17 Floor Shops 1712-16,
Hopewell Centre
183 Queen's Road East
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Office hours:

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
(Except Public Holidays)

By phone

Hotline: +852 2862 8555*
office hour: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm

By online form

Access the form here


We encourage shareholders to make an appointment before approaching our counters on 17M/F for enquiries and registration of documents. Please call our Customer Service Hotline during office hours to make an appointment.

*For any enquiries related to Computershare Investor Services Limited, please call us at +852 2862 8500.

Notice from Investor Service Counters

Transfer Office (17 Floor Shops 1712-16)


  • Transfer of Shares
  • Conversion of Registered Warrant(s)
  • Collection of Share Certificate(s)

Investor Enquiries (17M Floor)


  • General Enquiries and Mail Delivery
  • Change of Address / Dividend Instruction
  • Registration of Documents
  • Report Lost of Share Certificate(s) / Dividend Warrant(s) / IPO Refund Cheque(s)
  • Revalidation of Dividend Warrant(s)
  • Submission of Corporate Action Forms

Transfer your shares via mail. More time for family.

You can have your shares delivered to your address via our free ordinary mail or paid registered mail service. Not having to collect your shares in person can save you time and money.

To transfer your shares via mail​ -​ Application procedures and forms​​​​
​Mailing address

Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Ltd

Shops 1712-1716 17thFloor Hopewell Centre
183 Queen’s Road East
Wan Chai Hong Kong​

For any enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at +852 2862 8555

​Documents required​
  • A crossed cheque payable to ‘Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Ltd’, covering all necessary fees.#
  • The duly completed and stamped (ad valorem or waiver stamp) Form of Transfer.
  • All share certificates being transferred.
  • Duly completed Request for Certificate Mailing Services.+ (Ask at the counter for a f​orm or download it from our website​.)​
  • Computershare is not liable for any claims arising from mail loss. Investors agree to accept all risks when using this service.
  • #Transfer fees of HK$2.50 per certificate cancelled/issued (whichever is higher) apply for regular service. For registered mail, an additional HK$27 (for a local address) or HK$72 (for an overseas address) fee per company per transfer must be included.
  • +If you wish to submit your transfer via a third party and opt for return of the new certificate(s) by ordinary mail or registered mail, you need to prepare necessary documents and complete the Letter of Authorisation for Certificate Mailing Services​, available from counter staff or via our website for them to submit.
  • Please do not staple any documents.
  • Requests for more than 50 certificates or HKD2 million market value will not be accepted by mail and must be done in person. All new share certificates will be mailed to your registered address by ordinary mail or by registered mail (as requested). Any transfers received without sufficient payment for fees must be collected from our Counter.

Frequently asked questions​

  • ​Registered mail or ordinary mail.

  • ​Requests for more than 50 new certificates or HKD 2 million market value will NOT be accepted and must be collected in person at our Transfer Office (Shops 1712-1716, 17th Floor Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong).​

  • ​Ordinary mailing service: Free of Charge

    Registered mailing service: HK$27 (for a local registered address) or HK$72 (for an overseas registered address) per company per transfer.

  • ​Simply complete the Request for Certificate Mailing Services and lodge the original form (photocopies cannot be accepted) together with the completed and stamped transfer documents:

    Transfer Office, Shops 1712-1716, 17th Floor Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. You can do this in person or via post.
  • ​Please provide a crossed cheque made payable to ”Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Ltd” for the total amount.

  • ​Yes, simply complete the form of Letter of Authorisation for Certificate Mailing Services. The original authorisation form must be provided with the transfer documents.​

  • ​You need to do this to demonstrate you understand that you bear the risks and any loss should your documents be lost in the post; and that you understand the conditions and procedures for applying for the replacement of lost certificates​ as stated on our website.

  • ​If you don’t receive your share certificate(s) within a reasonable mailing timeframe, it is necessary to apply for a replacement certificate (s)​. Please call our Customer Service Hotline at +852 2862 8555 for further assistance.

  • ​No. You take on the risk and associated costs when you opt to use the mailing service.

  • ​Sorry, this is not possible.

  • ​This may result in delay or rejection of processing both the transfer request and certificate mailing service.​

    Before you seal the envelope, make sure you have:

    • Duly completed and stamped the (ad valorem or waiver stamp) Form of Transfer and have witnessed the documents
    • Enclosed all the share certificate(s)
    • Completed and signed the Request for Certificate Mailing Services form or the form of Letter of Authorisation if a third party is summiting the transfer for you. (Photocopies cannot be accepted)
    • Selected the required mail service
    • Enclosed the cheque with the correct monies for the transfer fee as well as for based on the mail service selected​