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Pioneered by Computershare in Hong Kong since 2000 Regardless of the ​size of your IPOs​, Computershare is a pioneer of registry services, and a preferred partner of issuers for key listing reforms and new initiatives. Whether you've been through an IPO before or not, we will support you throughout the whole listing process. Listing your company on the stock market is exciting - but it can also be stressful. We've delivered hundreds of IPOs, so with us on your team we'll make sure yours runs like clockwork.​

  • 2020

    Yum China - First US incorporated company listed on NYSE and HKEX as a fully fungible stock
  • 2019

    Alibaba - First NYSE and HKEX dual listing WVR issuer/ China Concept Stock adopting fully electronic application process
  • 2018

    Ascletis Pharma - First issuer listed as biotech company in Hong Kong
  • 2018

    Xiaomi - First issuer listed as WVR firm in Hong Kong
  • 2014

    HKELECTRIC-SS - First to adopt Blue Form eIPO
  • 2011

    Hui Xian Real Estate - First with a public offering raising capital in RMB
  • 2011

    GLENCORE - First HKEX and LSE simultaneously dual listing
  • 2007

    China CITIC Bank - First to adopt both White Form eIPO and e-Announcement package
  • 2006

    ICBC - First to adopt White Form eIPO services
  • 2005

    Link REIT - First and biggest REIT in Hong Kong and first IPO with a withdrawal mechanism
  • 2000-2001

    Tracker Fund - First to introduce a loyalty bonus unit scheme

A fully electronic application method

Alibaba Group Holding Limited (HKEX 9988), one of the largest global IPOs ever, adopted a fully electronic application process for its secondary listing. Computershare is proud to have been selected as the registrar for Alibaba Group Holding Limited and to support this initiative with our 24/7, free, white form eIPO platform.

Visit our white form eIPO platform

The leading share registrar in Hong Kong

Computershare is the leading share registrar in the Hong Kong market. Each year since 2016, we have handled an average of 80% of the total capital raised in the Hong Kong market from all the IPOs that have listed.

​From pre-launch to post-IPO activities, we will be your partner every step of the way
  • W​e do all the coo​rdination and liaison with issuers, sponsors, bookrunners, global coordinators, financial advisors, legal advisors, stock exchange, clearing companies and any other parties in setting up the logistics for your IPO.
  • We help review the relevant parts of the prospectus, application forms and other documents.
  • We deliver excellent offline and online channels for fast and efficient IPO​ applications​.
  • We process IPO applications quickly and accurately and undertake the Closing Settlement, including the issuance of share certificates and refunds.
  • We deal with the allocation of shares if your public offer is over-subscribed
  • Web hosting of IPO allotment results, hosting of enquiry hotline and print​ing of IPO allotment result booklet.
  • A wide array of post IPO services

Expert support at every step of your registry journey

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    Running a meeting that delivers your objective.

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    Dividend payments

    Ensuring your shareholders receive their dividend funds on time

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    Corporate Actions

    Looking after each step of your corporate actions, from planning to delivery

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