How can you benefit from understanding who your shareholders are​? Computershare partners with you to go through three steps for success. ​​​

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    Understand your shareholder composition and how it changes over time

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    Engage your major investors in different geographical locations

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    Facilitate effective communications with your investors

​​Computershare can provide you ​an unrivalled accurate picture of your shareholder composition. Our Shareholder Identification service helps you​.

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    Determine exactly who holds certain equities

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    Determine the structure of the underlying investor base

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    Track ownership by both long and short term (hedge fund) investors

Transforming shareholder communications over the years

with more than

80years of experience in shareholder engagement services
1000cases handled each year

Proxy Solicitation services

Once you have a comprehensive Shareholder Identification analysis, we can then support you with your shareholder meeting or corporate action through our Proxy Solicitation services.

Shareholder IDProxy Solicitation



Engage effectively with investors

Maintain a good relationship with your shareholders Help eliminate uncertainty for your AGM and in corporate actions


Analyse and mitigate risk associated with corporate actions

Not all advice is equal. And when marginal advice takes you down the wrong path, the results can be disastrous. Computershare Shareholder Identification and Proxy Solicitation services help you identify, locate and communicate with shareholders in complex solicitations so you can be confident that your approach is the right one. ​

Stakeholders do not all have the same view about your proposed resolutions. We help you engaging effectively with four major types of key stakeholders in a clear, concise way.

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    Institutional Investors

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    Proxy Advisors​

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    Professional engagement firms

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    ​Retail investors and directors

Once you know who your stakeholders are, our professional proxy solicitation exercise helps you create and deliver an effective, targeted investor communication strategy.

Up-to-date shareholder structure and analysis 
Advice on engagement process with difference stakeholders
Disseminate your meeting information to key stakeholders
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Follow-up on accuracy and punctuality in vote submission



We are trusted by some top issuers in Hong Kong. A few of our local clients include:


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