Navigate the Chinese employee share plan market with confidence

Establishing an employee share plan in mainland China can be challenging, with many legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements that are complex and difficult to navigate.

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) registration in PRC requires that all local and global organisations listed outside of mainland China with China-based participants must complete the SAFE registration in the Chinese language. Being non-compliant could lead to fines, penalties and potential reputational damage to your company.

Whether your company is based in China or another country, our dedicated Computershare team in China has extensive knowledge of the local and jurisdictional PRC regulations to ensure your employee share plan is, and remains, PRC compliant.

Over 10 years of experience since Circular 7 was released in 2012.

More than 100 client applications successfully registered and compliant.

Approval from 16 different SAFE authorities.


Services we provide

  • HK-SAFE-documents

    PRC SAFE registration

    • Prepare the SAFE documentation in Chinese

    • Submit the application

    • Liaise with the SAFE authority

  • HK-SAFE-reports-iStock-187040954

    Ongoing quarterly PRC SAFE filing

    • Prepare quarterly reports

    • Deliver documents on time

  • HK-SAFE-tax-iStock-1150454119

    State Tax Administration (STA) registration

    • Provide your share plan participants with significant tax benefits

A one-stop solution with end-to-end support

  • expertise-icon

    In-depth knowledge

    • Deep understanding of SAFE and STA registration interpretations

    • Good working relationships with SAFE authorities

    • Professional advice from experts on your company’s specific situation and requirements

  • multiple-languages-icon

    Language capabilities

    • Local Mandarin and English-speaking experts

    • Liaise with regulators

    • Prepare and review all Chinese-language documents

    • Reduce the time required for approvals

  • target-icon 93186C

    Accurate and efficient document management

    • Hands-on experience, with 100+ successful SAFE registration approvals at 16 local SAFE authorities

    • We prepare all the required documents with accuracy and high quality

  • payment-icon

    Cost savings

    • Our experts manage complex tax and regulation filing for you

    • Free up time for your in-house team to focus on other high priority tasks

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To find out how we can help you ensure your employee share plan is PRC compliant, talk to one of our China Share Plan Solutions experts today.

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